What is a Piston Bearing?

  When the engine operating principle is examined closely, not all of the power produced at the engine output is always transmitted to the wheels. With a system called gearbox group, the power produced for various situations such as starting, accelerating, moving at constant speeds is changed. The movement from the engine shaft is combined with the transmission in the clutch system. The connection made with the gears is carried out with a shaft called a socket shaft. The bearing that provides the bearing of this shaft and the rotation movement together with the pressure lining is the socket bearing. The prism bearing is usually designed as a ball or tapered bearing. The number of revolutions that the internal combustion engines rotate in a minute can reach 5-6 thousand revolutions. Friction and associated heat generation is a very important issue for parts rotating at such high rotational speeds. The prism bearing also rotates with the prism shaft, in order to minimize the fri